With 60 years of combined experience, Jim and Stuart Green proudly run a business known for delivering high quality products and long-lasting relationships.

A career lumberman, Jim Green has been with Olympic Industries Inc. for over 30 years. Since 1988, Jim’s focus has been on manufacturing specialty products in Pine, Spruce and Fir, sold exclusively throughout North America and Japan.

Stuart Green was introduced to Olympic Industries Inc. and quickly became the fourth generation of lumbermen in the Green family. Starting in 1994, Stuart spent the first 10 years building his lumber skills in the wholesale department. Stuart’s experience combined with Jim’s expertise has added another dimension to our Pacific Pine sales and manufacturing team.

Jim and Stuart have provided invaluable experience and knowledge of specialty products to their clients and their distributors within the marketplace. They pride themselves on fostering successful long-term relationships with suppliers and customers alike.


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